Beau contour de l’abdomen avec lipoabdominoplastie

 Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and liposuction are surgical therapies for one of the most troubling parts of the female physique: the abdomen. Both procedures have...

Lifting du visage, un lifting du cou ou les deux?

If you were to ask the difference between the face and the neck, most people will have little trouble differentiating the two from one...

Les seins harmonieux

The goal of any successful breast surgery procedure is harmony. Every patient who comes in complaining about her breasts does so because she feels...

Les implants mammaires doivent-ils être modifiés à chaque décennie?

People famous for being famous seems to be a budding occupation in modern times. Such a gig is all well and good, that is...

Lifting du visage: l’étalon d’or du rajeunissement du visage

 Facial rejuvenation treatments are almost too numerous to count, ranging from non-invasive topical skin treatments to minimally-invasive injectables, lasers and ultrasound skin tightening treatments....

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