Programme du congrès 2024

The 10th National Congress of the Tunisian Society of Aesthetic Surgery on May 24 and 25, 2024.

Pre-congress lives surgeries

THURSDAY 23rd of May 2024

Cartagena International Hospital Center
  1. Endoscopic brow lift
  2. Deep plane facelift
  3. Rhinoplasty
  4. Medium hight definition
  5. Brazilian butt lift

FRIDAY 24th of May 2024

Registration & Welcome session:


Morning session: Body Contouring:


1st part: Tips in Body Contouring
  1. The Medium Definition Liposuction: Etching with no need of External Energy. Dr Giuliano Borille
  2. Mastering buttock implants: Dual plane pocket design and sciatic release. Dr Alexander Aslani
  3. Medium Def Lipo in Abdominoplasty and Mini abdominoplasty. Dr Giuliano Borille
  4. Prevention of Umbilical Sagging After Medium Definition Liposuction. Dr Giuliano Borille

Coffee Break: 11AM – 11:30 AM

2nd part: Safety in Bady contouring
  1. Buttock Liposculpture: Safety, Efficacy & Beyond. Dr Alexander Aslani
  2. Safety Standards. Dr Giuliano Borille
  3. Preventing disaster in Body Contouring-keep yourself and your patients out of trouble. Dr Alexander Aslani
  4. Point of view of the anesthetist
Lunch Break:

1PM- 2PM

Afternoon session: Breast surgery:


1st part:
  1. An algorithm for planning and marking in breast augmentation. Dr Dennis Hammond
  2. The Split mastopexy: a posterior flap-based technique for augmentation mastopexy. Dr Hassen Ben Jemaa
  3. An algorithm for planning and marking in augmentation mastopexy. Dr Dennis Hammond
  4. …….

Coffee Break: 4 PM- 4:30 PM

2nd part:
  1. Augmentation mastopexy after bariatric surgery. Dr Houda Kbaili
  2. Treatment of the double bubble phenomenon. Dr Dennis Hammond
  3. Surgery for “difficult” breasts. Dr Fares Belhsan
  4. ……
Faculty dinner


Dr Giuliano Borille
Dr Alexander Aslani
Dr Dennis Hammond
Dr Hassen Ben Jemaa
Dr Houda Kbaili
Dr Fares Belhsan

SATURDAY 25th of May 2024

Morning session: Surgical & medical Rhinoplasty:


1st part: Surgical rhinoplasty
  1. Tezel Rhinoplasty. Dr Erdem Tezel
  2. Rhinoplasty in north African patients. Dr Jed Bouguila
  3. Tezel septal extension graft. Dr Erdem Tezel
  4. ………….

Coffee Break: 11AM- 11:30 AM

2 nd part: Medical rhinoplasty
  1. Workshop Filler. Dr Firas Hamdan
Lunch Break:

1PM- 2PM

Afternoon session: Surgical & medical Facelift:


1st part: The Contribution of Endoscopy
  1. Beautification: endoscopic facelift in very young people. Dr Erdem Tezel
  2. The 3Q lift. Dr Firas Hamdan
  3. Endoscopic facial lift and temporal lift. Dr Firas Hamdan
  4. Endoscopic approach for the resection of forehead masses to preserve the aesthetic aspect of the upper third of the face. Dr Jed Bouguila

Coffee Break: 4 PM- 4:30 PM

2nd part: The medical approach
  1. Facial beautification with injectables. Dr Firas Hamdan
  2. Facial sagging: a medical-surgical strategy. Dr Fares Belhasen
  3. …………
  4. …………


Dr Erdem Tezel
Dr Jed Bouguila
Dr Firas Hamdan
Dr Fares Belhasen
Gala Dinner
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